Jay Fulkerson, Architect, PLLC, is a full service architectural firm. I have over thirty years of experience in architectural design and have practiced in Chapel Hill, North Carolina since 1988. My projects vary in size and complexity from residential designs to commercial, institutional and historic preservation/adaptive reuse projects.

Client needs and budgets:

Regardless of the project type or project size, my emphasis is always on understanding and interpreting the wants and needs of my client. Clients are the experts in how they live, work or play in their space whether it is a new home, an addition, a community center or a classroom. I consider each and every project as an individual commission and the final products are as varied as the desires of my clients. My client’s ideas combined with my extensive design, construction, and green building technologies experience are the key to a successful final product.

An understanding of construction processes and budgets is critical to maximizing the value of any project for the client. My construction and project management experience guide the decision making process. From the consideration of overall building form, energy issues, building siting, to the interior finishes and details, I advise on methods that will maximize the quality and longevity of each project without losing site of the client’s budget. Every project has a budget which is a necessary benchmark to control costs.

Sustainable / Energy Efficient Designs:

I am licensed to practice architecture in the states of North Carolina, New York and Wisconsin. As a member of the American Institute of Architects, the U.S. Green Building Council, the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association and the American Solar Energy Association, I bring a wealth of expertise on the issues facing today’s built environment. I am a LEED AP (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional) and I specialize in green and sustainable design solutions.

Energy efficiency and an emphasis on sustainability in design and construction are hallmarks of my designs. This takes different forms in each project. It includes attention to the attributes and orientation on the site and the sun’s daily and seasonal path to develop a strong sense of place. My designs are infused with controlled natural light and often include a passive solar component. The result is the creation of airy, light-filled spaces that have a strong connection between interior and exterior and seasonal changes through abundant windows. Thoughtful incorporation of lighting, heating and cooling systems and careful building siting to maximize utility, beauty and comfort allow my clients to enjoy beautiful spaces while minimizing their energy expenses and material costs over the long term.

Jay Fulkerson, Architect, PLLC

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